Sexy Russian Athletes in Lingerie

In a world where finding the right marketing campaign that can get people talking is one tough market, Russia’s women Olympic athletes seem to have found a way to hit the nail on the head just fine. In fact, what started as a campaign in and around Moscow’s websites has now officially gone viral, and it’s certainly safe to say that the world is definitely talking!

The sexy Russian athletes in these photos represent just about every sport a person could imagine, and these women put a new twist on the idea of Fantasy Sports. The campaign is rumored to have several different purposes. While some say that the intention was to show that women athletes are more than just muscular masses without womanly figures, others say that these images were simply created to get people talking.

And talking, they are! Of course, no set of scantily clad images is going to make the viral web world without leaving a bit of controversy in their midst, and these stunning women are no exception, as they’ve certainly stirred up talks of setting back women’s rights. Some people are saying that it’s setting a poor image of what little girls should look up to.

Female Olympians strip down – Sexy Russian Athletes

Tatiana Borodulina, speed skating - Sexy Russian Athletes in Lingerie No matter which side of the coin a person stands on, it’s hard to argue that these women were definitely made to make audiences “ohh” and “ahhh”. 29-year-old Siberian-born short track speed skater Tatiana Borodulina struts her stuff in a skin-tight nude dress (well, a skin-tight covering of some sort) while freestyle skier Maria Komissarova shows off in sexy animal print bodysuit. And sexy curlers, Olga Zyablikova and Anna Sidorova stands out in black sheer lacy body lingerie.

Olga Zyablikova, Curling - Sexy Russian Athletes

Maria Komissarova, freestyle - Sexy Russian Athletes in Lingerie

Curlers definitely made their impact when the films were developed, but ice hokey players made sure not to shy away from the opportunity to score a photo, goal, too. And what would the winter Olympics be without the representation of a figure skater in the mix? Well, they’d be unfulfilled.

We would love to hear your opinion of the Russian Olympic women and this interesting marketing campaign! Share your thoughts with us!

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