How to Properly Store Lingerie

Lingerie is delicate and spends much of its lifetime stored away while not in use. Properly caring for your lingerie is an important part of making it last as long as it can while also maintaining its beauty, functionality and shape.

Camisoles, Gowns and Slips
Some lingerie is best kept hanging in the closet on padded hangers. These hangers are available from most department stores and can be ordered online. They usually have knobs to hold the straps of your lingerie on the hanger and the padding protects the delicate straps from becoming stretched or wrinkled.

If hanging is not an option, these garments can be stored with tissue paper folded into them to prevent wrinkling.

Bras and Bustier
Garments with molded cups should be kept unfolded in a drawer. The cups of the lingerie should not be reshaped or crushed by the drawer or other articles of clothing. The cups of multiple articles can be nested together to save room if necessary. You may consider setting aside a specific drawer for bras and other shape-sensitive lingerie so there will always be room to store it without compromising its original shape.

Panties and Half Slips
Panties and skirt slips should be laid flat or gently placed in a satin bag with other similar articles. Take care not to snag these delicate pieces on bra hooks, clothing buttons or wood splinters.

A Caution About Wooden Dressers
The great majority of dressers and armoires are made of wood. While wooden dressers are perfectly suitable for storing lingerie, they offer a unique challenge of wood splinters that can snag and tear delicate fabrics. If you are storing silky or lacy lingerie in a wooden furnishing, always store items in cloth bags or protective boxes so they will not catch on the edges of the drawers or get snagged in the track or doors of the furniture.

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