Fading Gigolo – Sharon Stone & Sofia Vergara in Racy Lingerie

Sofia Vergara & Sharon Stone steam up Fading Gigolo

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. This saying holds steadfast and true in the new John Turturro movie, Fading Gigolo. In this comedy, Turturro and Woody Allen star as Fioravante and Murray, two friends who are down in their luck. Murray gets an offer for a threesome, and this inspires him to become a pimp. His gigolo? Fioravante, of course.

Fioravante is not a particularly handsome man, so this gives him doubts about his saleability as a gigolo. He comes across as shy at first, but Murray assures him that he looks better than rock star legend Mick Jagger. If good ol’ Mickey can do it, so can Fioravante!

Murray proves to be an efficient pimp when he gathers high-caliber clients like Dr. Parker and Selima. These feisty female characters are played by the beautiful Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara, respectively. Fans of the actresses (and of gorgeous women, in general) will be delighted to know that Stone and Vergara strip down to their racy lingerie and show off their sexy bodies for a threesome scene in this movie. Fioravante is indeed a very lucky man!

Fading Gigolo - Sofia Vergara in Lingerie

But Fading Gigolo is not just about sex. It’s about relationships — meeting people, connecting with someone, and maybe even falling in love. It’s an emotionally resonating movie with great eye candy and plenty of laughs.

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