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Bra Fitting Tips

Reasons Why You Should Check Your Bra Size

From popular fashion magazines to TV talk shows like Oprah, the message is clear that many women are still wearing ill-fitting bras. There are many formulas out there to help you determine your bra...
Bra Extender

Your Bra: To Extend or Not to Extend.

As a lingerie retailer, bra extenders shouldn't make sense. If your bra band is too tight, you should be fitted for a new size. In fact, industry specialists claim that over 75% of women...
Bra Fitting @ Lavinia Lingerie

Bra Fitting – Size Does Matter

That is, finding the right bra size to fit your bust is extremely important for your comfort and confidence level - not forgetting how sexy you feel in it. Would you bet the bank...
Lingerie Care

Lingerie Care – Airing Out Your Laundry

Learn how to properly wash and care for lingerie to make it last! As an owner of a lingerie business,, I speak with expertise. You should not put most bras and panties in the...
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